Stories of Hope

“Studying is an essential service too…When will we meet you, our school teacher hasn’t called us even once”, say some children from Hathi Park. One child called us and asked me to make a curfew pass and come and meet them. Another said that their studies also come under essential service and that our centre should be opened.”

Children ask questions like – “Bhaiyya what should we do in this lock down. We are very upset. We can’t come to the contact point and we are not able to study”. “Bhaiya lock down khulwa do na. Mera bhai gaon mai phasa hua hai (brother please open this lockdown, my brother is stuck in the village)”. “Bhaiya aap hamari kitni fikr karte ho, kisi school teacher ne aaj tak call nahi kia lekin aapne 3-4 bar call kia (brother you care so much for us, our school teacher has not even called us once)”. Another child Karan said “meri colony mai kuch log bechare khana lene bhagte hain unhe dekhkr bura lagta hai mann karta hai ki mai kuch unki madat karun (I feel so sad when I see poor people in my neighborhood running for food. I wish I could help them).”

We keep reminding them how to protect themselves from Corona Virus. We try to console them that they will meet their friends soon, their school will take a favourable decision. Perhaps, some fast tracking approach to complete the syllabus and exams. Children agree…


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