Discovering Life’s Skills and Savings

I am Netansh, a 12-year-old student in the 7th grade at a government school in Chandni Chowk. My educational journey intertwines with the invaluable experiences I have gained through the Chandni Chowk contact point and Butterflies’ programs, which have become an integral part of my life over the past year.

Cooperatives have been a revelation to me. Here, we do not just study; we engage in sports, including football tournaments, and cultural afternoons- a space to perform a dance, sing, recite a poem, drama or mime. I proudly served as a striker for the Chandni Chowk junior football team during a tournament. While our team secured the third position, I could not help but think we could have done even better.

Butterflies introduced me to essential life skills. I have learned how to maintain happiness and cope when I am not feeling my best. I have gained insight into how to remain healthy and the importance of personal hygiene. I participated in a play that shed light on the exploitation of boys, highlighting their need for support too. Health sessions have been particularly enlightening. They have taught me about nutritious food and the harmful effects of indulging in junk food.

My knowledge base has expanded significantly through cooperatives and other Butterflies programs, a privilege I would not have had otherwise. I used to spend all my money and, at times, lost it, which left me disheartened. That is when I learned about Children’s Development Khazana (CDK). With just one Rupee, I opened my CDK account, and it has been a game-changer. I have come to appreciate the security and wisdom in saving money with CDK. In this journey, Butterflies has not only enriched my life with knowledge but also instilled the value of saving and empowered me to make healthier choices.


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