Pursuing My Banking Dreams

I am Arun, and my father sells vegetables at the bustling Okhla Mandi market, one of South Delhi’s largest wholesale vegetable and fruit markets. My mother is a homemaker. My life took a new direction when my friend Mohit told me about Butterflies Okhla Contact Point.

Curiosity led me to the contact point, where I discovered a world beyond education. There, I learned about intriguing activities like the Children’s Development Khazana (CDK) and Child Health and Sports Cooperatives (CHSC). The more I immersed myself in the contact point, the more I uncovered about the Cooperatives and their myriad benefits.

I observed how children actively managed these cooperatives, and that intrigued me. Some
children were elected to oversee cooperatives, and after some time, I decided to contest the election for the position of Assistant Volunteer Manager (ACVM) in CDK. As an ACVM, I received training on my responsibilities, which were akin to those of a bank manager.

The work fascinated me, and it dawned on me that banking could be a viable career option. I also learned that to excel in a banking career, one needed a strong foundation in mathematics. Therefore, I began focusing on improving my math skills.

The cooperative experience has been immensely beneficial. It taught me the value of teamwork and
collective effort for the benefit of each member. Thanks to my experience as an ACVM, I was able to set a clear career goal: to become a banker in a government or private bank.

My journey is just beginning, and I am excited to pursue my dreams and shape my future in the
banking world, all thanks to the transformative power of Butterflies and the Cooperatives.


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