Partner With Us

Why Partner Us ?

As an organization, we do not believe in short term solutions. Instead, we focus on lasting change through sustainable solutions for the mobilisation and empowerment of children and communities.

There are many ways in which you can partner Butterflies’ and make a contribution towards a better society and towards the future of a lot of children associated with us. Please view the partnership options above.

What makes Butterflies the ideal partner:

We’re transparent as all our financials are public which are annually audited internally & externally.

Our programmes are regularly monitored to ensure efficient utilisation of funds

We strive for lasting change by focusing on mobilisation and empowerment of children & communities, through sustainable interventions

Having a partner like you can really go a long way in our fight to protect & empower every child If none of the partnership options suit you, please drop in your details with our Partnerships Team by email at or online and let’s discuss new ways of working together for children.

Our partnership can be a new start for children, and that’s what we can together provide for many more children who still aren’t able to go to school and live in dangerous conditions on the street, vulnerable to abuse of all kinds.

Ways to Partner with Us

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