Make Healthcare Accessible

The foundation of a society rests on education and health. We work on covering both areas and hence, building a society with strong foundations because a building can withstand the test of time only if its foundation is strong. In lieu of our motive, we run a child health cooperative programme in select locations in Delhi, reaching out to almost 2,000 children in need of healthcare.

How can you help?

Health is the basic right of every child and hence the project is essential. However, the cost of running the small health clinic, ambulance, the fees of doctors and nurses, medicines etc. is huge. We need sponsors for the same and also take the programme to more areas of Delhi & beyond so that more children & communities can avail healthcare and our dream of a healthier society can be fulfilled. This also involves sponsoring a child health educator’s workshop or sponsor a health check-up camp for a given number of children.

Drop in your details with our Partnerships Team by email at or online and we’ll contact you to take it forward.

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