Support a Family

Year after year, migration from villages to cities in search of a better livelihood and future have separated children from their families. Poverty, low education, domestic violence, as well as lack of proper child care & support systems often force families to live under city flyovers, leaving them and their children especially in vulnerable conditions.

Left unaddressed, they reduce the ability of children and families to achieve financial self-sufficiency and empowerment, thereby trapping them in cycles of poverty and abuse.

Butterflies Child Rights Advocates often come across such families while working with children on the ground and are trained in handling such cases.

Butterflies’ tries to provide transitional housing and support services for homeless families especialy women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence, assisting these families to achieve safety, stability, and long-term self-sufficiency.

How can you help?
The cost of finding and sponsoring individual shelters for homeless families is huge and needs sponsorship. It can be in the form of sponsoring the rent of a 1 room house for a particular period, sponsoring food, clothing, emergency healthcare service etc.

By sponsoring our Programme, you will be helping a child and his/her family exit a cycle of generational poverty & illiteracy and help restore people’s faith in humanity.

Drop in your details with our Partnerships Team by email at or online and we’ll contact you to take it forward.

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