Staying connected…

Finally social media does some good…

Sana– “Some schools have started online classes for students, but without books there’s little they can achieve. When the lockdown began, we had informed all and also formed a WhatsApp group with children who have smart phones. I call children who don’t have smart phones separately. Some children are using the WhatsApp group to write questions and post it in the group. Few children call us directly.

Shareef– “Most children have approached us regarding their studies, asking questions from their syllabus, about their semester exams and school results, whether they will be postponed, whether they will ever get time to prepare for it once school opens. Children also call me when they feel lonely to share about their situation and when we give them assignments. We have also developed and following full day plans like time table of study, play, yoga, and TV.”

Richa– “We have shared the soft copies of NCERT books and also recharge their phones which they really need as it is the only way to connect with them. We have formed a WhatsApp group of the children and give daily assignments to the children so that they stay busy and connected to us. We provide them online classes and children are sending photos of the questions they need answers. We also share stories to read and some informative notes. We also have the GK quiz in the group. Children love it. Sometimes we just have simple chat with them so that they feel connected to us. For younger groups of children we tell them to make drawings.”

Alam– “Most of the working children went back to their village before the lockdown started. The rest are living in a space in the market independently and I am in touch with them on phone. I am giving them assignments and stories as the market is closed and they are not working. They listen to music, watch movies online on their phones and prepare food themselves. They have received their last month’s wages but are unsure if they would be paid this month. They are worried if they will get their jobs back. Children who are involved in scrap picking are from a different part of the city and work in the market. Children from the communities (school going) are given tasks and concepts explained online. Children in secondary levels are getting assignments from their schools and are helped to complete it by our WhatsApp group. They also help their siblings in their studies.”

Barun – “I made a WhatsApp group for children of class 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th and teaching them through video call. Though I am not able to teach them like before but still they are learning from it. However, they are facing problems in attending whole class due to lack of space and family involvement but they are somehow managing in a single small room. They are really happy with this initiative wherein they can spend some time in studies with their friends.”

Satish– “Children also call and share their problems. Mobile phone data is used for online classes, but children do not have money to recharge the phones. They really need help to recharge their phone.”


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