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Sana– “The government announced free ration distribution. In okhla mandi area, five families did not have the ration card, due to which they could not get the ration. The children were very worried and called me and asked my help. I contacted a local government representative and he advised to register them through e-ration card which they can link through their Aadhar card. We registered them through this scheme with the help of a Child Social Protection Committee (CSPC) member which helped them get the ration.”

Shareef– “We counsel the children’s parents too. Being distressed about the future, they too need support. We have held discussions with the parents on the phone and given them tips to engage themselves and their children. In some families, there is a fear of job loss, reduced incomes, childrens education, lost savings, rent etc. which gets reflected on their behaviors.”

Hassan– “Another child also narrated a similar situation where the parents are really worried about the future and sometimes get angry without any reason.”

Sana– “Some parents have shared about their exhausted savings and their difficulties to get daily meals. Some of the parents are worried about their families in the village whom they cannot contact. A father of an adolescent shared that they had saved some money to repair his house in his village but now those savings are also over. Parents have spoken to me telling me that now they have no money left, whatever little they saved with them is over. And even after the lockdown ends it will be a challenge to survive as they have nothing left with them, neither money nor work.”

Meenakshi– “Some parents are worried about their children as they are spending most of their time on television and mobile phones. We told the children to play indoor games like and to read books, make paintings and write down their experience of lockdown rather than spending time on phones. Children approach us when they find any difficulties in completing the assignments. We also advice children and parents on precautions to be followed during this crisis.”


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