From Didi and Bhaiyya…

Sana– “I’ve never been out of office for so long”…were the words of one of our CRAs. “I am frequently in touch with the children. I am also trying spend quality time with family, helping my mother in cooking as this is the first time I have not left home for such a long time. Who could even have imagined that the whole world will come to a standstill. Though we are spending time at home with our family and trying to remain happy but there is always a concern in mind, the bigger impact of the lockdown, the children’s future, our future. People from all strata are affected and we really don’t know how the future is going to be like. Poor people are going to be most affected. Survival will be difficult. At the same time, people from higher economic strata are also going to loose jobs. I really look forward to step out and get back to work.”

Shareef– “There are 8 children in my family who live in the same building. I am teaching them indoor games. I am able to spend more time with family, relatives.”

Hassan– “We are spending more quality time with family now. One day my mother shared about her past, her childhood, our family, our relatives, her marriage and our childhood. It was fascinating to know these from her for the first time.”


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