Annual Report 2021-22

2021 was tumultuous for us in India. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, Butterflies was able to continue its work with children. Classes were held under strict adherence to covid norms while ensuring children caught up with what they missed. As a result, several children scored above 90 percent marks in their board exams […]

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence against Boys in India

This study focuses on perspectives and childhood sexual experiences of boys in the context of masculinities and sexuality. Mapping the interventions of government as well non-governmental organizations, it further examines different practices and challenges faced in the process of addressing the issues emanating from the dominant notions of masculinities and sexuality in the context of […]

Happiness Chai

A drawing made by our children, which they have named it Happiness Chai (tea). During the period of pandemic, most children were anxious about the future especially if they will be able to go back to school. Children were also afraid and unhappy listening to news about COVID-19 pandemic, number of cases infected and hospitalised. […]