Research, Training and Advocacy Centre

The Research, Training and Advocacy Centre (RTA) at Butterflies is the knowledge hub of the organization that conducts scientific (participatory) researches, trainings on issues of children & childhood and advocacy activities for influencing the state and other stakeholders in transforming the lives of children and their families thereby striving to ensure a safe and protective environment for them. The RTA was set up recognizing the need to evolve and improve our programme interventions with children and families in order to respond to the rapid changes in socio-economic, technological and political situations of our country and the world.

At Butterflies, our work with children is guided by sound research, effective training of stakeholders and strong advocacy activities. Qualitative and quantitative participatory researches are carried out by the centre to build empirical knowledge on children and their issues and it helps the organization to (re)frame and improve the programmes with children and families according to the changing social realities. The researches capture the voices of children by considering their agency in constructing the social realities they are in. The body of knowledge also guides in framing training programmes and advocacy activities. We believe in research-based capacity building for all stakeholders which is carried out by the RTA Centre. Other than the trainings for various stakeholders, the RTA centre conducts ToTs (Training of Trainers) as per the request of different state agencies and NGOs. The training wing under the RTA develops toolkits, readers, session plans on various themes and topics related to child rights, children and their families, government entitlements for the rural and urban poor, research and data management. The trainings would be tailor made to enhance the knowledge and skills of various stakeholders, which would translate in effective, relevant programmes for children, families and communities. As part of advocacy activities, the Gerry Pinto Memorial Lecture Series – First Call for Children is annually organized on themes connected to the lives of children and families. The advocacy efforts initiate debate on the themes addressed and guide the organization to protect and defend child rights and seek justice for rights violations.

As a resource hub, the RTA centre supports the organization through its documentation and publications and works to contribute towards the fulfilment of Butterflies’ goals through strategic research, documentation, publication, dissemination, training and advocacy. A dedicated library functions under the RTA centre with several hundred new books and journals on children, children’ issues with a variety of topics added every year. The relevance of RTA centre has been recognized by the numerous requests from government departments, research and training institutes, and NGOs for data and documents.

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